Casting: Voice Actors

PAID CASTING CALL – 1 Female, 2 Males Needed Short animated film/pilot for potential web series "Rafflesia" Fantasy/Sci-fi

Salon, a sweet and sensitive member of a plant-like species called Rafflesians, along with her only friend, Alex, a human aspiring space captain, are waiting to be able to explore the stars and escape their home planet, which is generally prejudiced against Salon’s kind. They believe they have found a competent mechanic to operate their ship, but their new crew member’s criminal past threatens their plans.

Characters needed:

Salon – Female, must have young sounding voice (late teens/early twenties), enthusiastic, excitable, sensitive, loving, a survivor that has been beaten down by the world but has remained optimistic. Role will incorporate the full spectrum of emotion, from excitement to sorrow.

Alex – Male, twenties, sincere and caring, if a bit naïve. Wants to be a fearless leader, but is not quite there yet.

Clutch – Male, twenties, brutish, tough, close-minded, exaggerated self confidence belied by a tinge of uncertainty.

Two minor, male background characters will also be cast.

Voice acting experience is valuable, but not required. Audition Dates: April 12th and 13th Location: San Diego, California Compensation: $75 per day If interested, please contact or send questions to

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