Casting: M & F 18-22 4/15


Directed by Cooper Doty


John goes to a therapist to talk through a crisis of Identity. He is having an internal conflict between optimism and pessimism, and what will make him feel truly genuine. He tells the story of a party, hosted by the girl of his dreams. Everyone at the party is putting up a false front, so John has to decide whether he wants to except social norms to be happy or live with his pessimism.


Gender: Male Age: 18 - 22 Personality: Introverted, Quite, Brooding, Quick witted but reserved, Subtly Sarcastic, Uncomfortable, but not completely socially awkward

Description of role: John is going through a crisis of Identity, not knowing whether to focus on being genuine to his feelings or fitting into social dynamics. John can either go to a dark, emotional place or a place of social comfort; it’s just about deciding what who he really wants to be.


Gender: Female Age: 18 - 22 Personality: Extroverted, Optimistic, Social butterfly, Clever, Charming

Description of role: Mackenzie is the antithesis of John. She is very comfortable in who she is, allowing her to adapt to almost any social situation. She sees John as a close friend; understands his social hang-ups and tries to draw out his fun side without pressuring him to be someone he is not.


Shoot dates: April 15th, 16th, & 17th

Compensation: food, copy, credit.

Please send head shots/reels to

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