Production Design by 

William Wall


Art Direction by 

William Wall


Makeup by

Francia Cohen


Sound by

Stephen Terrones


Visual Effects by 

William Wall


Costume and Wardrobe by

William Wall


Thanks to

Jack Wall

Kimberly Wall

Directed by 

William Wall


Written by

William Wall


Cast (in alphabetical order)   

Mike Burnell...Faustus Goethe

Ryan Cahill...Johann Wolff

John Cox...Scientist

Danielle Fiedler...Factory Guard

Ken Fiedler...Panzer Mensch

Katrina Kross...Narrator (voice)

Verity Hoskins Lopez...Jude

William Wall...SS Officer

Ian Wong...Russian Soldier


Produced by 

William Wall


Cinematography by 

William Wall

Android 413

The Nazis won, and their terror has reigned decades, but an android working in a Dachau factory is about to change that.